General principles and values

We are a company specialised in the construction and refurbishment of civil engineering structures of all kinds. Our highly qualified and committed team, extensive and excellent references and know-how make us an internationally known leader in the field of executing construction works. Our goal for the future is to maintain this position while continuing to expand.

Through our complex structures, we create important and lasting values for society and thus also contribute to the prosperity and well-being of people in an efficient and sustainable manner. Our work builds on the following essential values: Safety, Quality, Responsibility, Integrity, Commitment and Team Spirit, Efficiency and Excellence as well as Innovation.


BeMo was founded 1964 in Innsbruck during the hydropower boom with the name “Beton- und Monierbau Innsbruck Ges.m.b.H.” as a tunnel construction company. After having constructed more than 400 km of tunnels and galleries in the course of more than 170 projects not only in Central Europe (e.g. Austria, Germany), but also in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and throughout the world (e.g. USA, Americas, Asia/Pacific), we have acquired a vast know-how in this area, as can be seen from our excellent project references, awards and certificates.

Building on our core business Tunnelling including Design, Consulting, Surveying & Geotechnical Monitoring, Mechanical Engineering & Plant, we have in the meantime expanded our range of services to the fields of Civils, Industrial & Steel Construction, Ground Engineering, Structural Maintenance and Mining. Thus, we have evolved towards becoming a provider of complete solutions and innovations.

Company structure

The BeMo group, comprising of the Austrian parent company, five subsidiaries and two branch offices, is the leading company for the markets Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada within the Czech construction group Metrostav.

Anti-Corruption and Compliance Management System

For several years, BeMo has implemented a comprehensive compliance management system (CMS), which applies to all locations, branches and subsidiaries. The management system for anti-corruption (MSC), including the legal area of antitrust law, is part of this system.