Management System for Anti-Corruption and Compliance

BeMo is aware of its role in society and its responsibility towards customers, business partners, employees and owners. The company is therefore committed to clear principles. These form the framework for the company's entrepreneurial and social actions.

BeMo does not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition. Neither directly nor indirectly do we grant or receive payments or other benefits that are intended to lead to actions contrary to the law or ethical rules.

The integrity of all actions is an essential prerequisite for sustainable successful business. Inseparably linked to this is the integrity of the conduct and decisions of our employees.

For us, acting with integrity means complying with or observing legal, social, ethical and ecological principles and requirements that apply to our company or to which we have voluntarily committed ourselves and which we undertake to observe strictly. The rules of conduct applicable throughout the company, which are described and defined in the following documents, are decisive for this.