Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology


MDC Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizien – Berlin


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West
Ground Engineering Berlin

Project location

Campus North, Humbold-University in Berlin, Germany

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

2.2 million €


0,2 m below surface:
Mounting and sealing (asphalt, concrete)
2,4 m below surface:
Fillings of fine sand material (sand, clay)
Decomposed with leftovers of concrete and bricks
Isolated fillings of humid sands
12,7m below surface:
Typical „Warschau-Berlin Urstromtal“-sand
Composition varies between sands and middlesands with light parts of gravel and clay

Technical Data

o Trenches and excavation with disposal
Slurry wall:
o Planning
o Continuous inclinometeremeasurement
o 230m guide walls
o 2370 m² slurry wall
o 127 to. Concrete steel
Grout injection:
o 145 Stück/1.585m anchors
Jet grouting:
o Planning
o 2020m² jet grouting sole
o Quality control with pumps
o Water drainage
Exchange drilling:
o Replacement of contaminated ground (due to mineral oil carbon)