"Cube" Berlin, MK 9

General data on the ground engineering project - "Cube" Berlin, MK 9


CA Immo Berlin
Lehrter Stadtquartier 9 GmbH & Co.
Joachimsthaler Straße 20
10719 Berlin


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West
Ground Engineering Berlin

Project location

Washingtonplatz 3
10557 Berlin

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

4.4 million €


• Sand and gravel (under filling areas), layers are changing with increasing depth from loose to moderately compact to densely
• Bottom level of the excavation is approx. 4.0 m below groundwater table
• Stones and boulders should be expected in solid ground

Technical Data

The building pit for the office complex „Cube Berlin“ is situated right next to Berlins main railway station.

The excavation covers an area of approx. 7,000 m² and a depth up to 6 m.

A road tunnel is crossing below the building site which will be overbuilt by the office complex.
On one half of the building site a deep excavation was constructed in groundwater conditions using sheet piling and jet grouting for the invert.
A 15 years old trough on the other half had to be reopened.

Difficulties arise from:
• Old rock bolts (strand anchors to support the building to the existing road tunnel), which have to be severed during the construction of the pit lining, as well as the penetration of the new DSV- invert
• An inconvenient geometry of the „old building site“ for dewatering
• Protection of the existing road tunnel against vibrations

In addition, 8 drill-foundation piles will be constructed to support the new building.

BeMo scope was also including:
• Backfilling after completition of all construction works
• Backfilling obove the underground car park
• Extracting vertical shoring elements (sheet piles, steel beams)
The complete deconstruction was finished in March 2018.