Escape Gallery Tunnel Wendelberg


Staatliches Bauamt Traunstein
Rosenheimer Str. 7, 83278 Traunstein


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH

Project location

83458 Schneizelreuth – Melleck

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

3 million €


Excavation in ground moraine and in unweathered dolomit.
The ground moraine is basically a matrix consisting of a over-consolidated soil filled with gravel and boulders. Its properties are principially marked by the binding matrix.

Technical Data

• Upgrade of an Excape Gallery at the existing Wendelberg-Roadtunnel (B 21)
• Tunnellength: 290.00 m
• Mining Excavation: 250.00 m
- thereof by blasting: 170.00 m
- thereof by cut-and-cover: 40.00 m
• Cross Sections: 15.00 m²
• Execution by Drill-and-Blast-Method and roadheaders, NATM
• Preliminary cuts by shotcrete-injections
• Support: Shotcrete (reinforced), SN-Bolt, Swellex Bolt,
Injection drill bolts, Spiles,
• Inner Tunnel Lining:
partly by shotcrete alternating with in-situ concrete and sealing
• Cut-and-Cover (approx. 40 m) with cast in place waterproof concrete

Further project related information

Mining Excavation was done in single-shift-operating and exclusive by own personnel.