Knesebeckstraße 62/63, Berlin

Building Pit


Objektgesellschaft Knesebeckstraße mbH
Esplanade 41
20354 Hamburg


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West
Ground Engineering Berlin

Project location

Knesebeckstraße 62 und 63
10719 Berlin

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

2.2 million €


Up to 3 m anthropogenic fillings, underlying sand permeated by 3.5 bis 10 m thick binding moraine clay (probably not in the entire construction field). Big stones must be expected in the top layer of marl soil. Fine and semi-fine sands from 7.2 to 12 m below ground surface. The at-rest groundwater level finds on average at 3.4 m below ground surface.

Technical Data

The total building pit will be supported by intersecting bored pile walls,
DSV- underpinning with seal walls and a low-lying sealing bed (jet grouting).
Pit lining walls will be anchored to all sides (normally 1 Layer).
Floor area: approx. 1,650 m² Depth: up to 8.7 m
Bored pile wall: approx. 130 m long, up to 17 m deep
diameter bored piles 75 and 90 cm
approx. 70 strand anchors,
approx. 850 m³ DSV- underpinning
Main-subcontractor-work: water drainage
Execution Planning was provided by our Design Office in Innsbruck

Difficulties arise from:
• Inner-city location („City West“), minimal site areas available
• Construction field between directly neighbouring buildings
• Interface partner to client contractors for earth and demolition works
• Additional complications for drilling work by parts of a preceding building that was partly situated in the soil
• Roadsite cable/pipe routing directly adjacent at the pit lining route
• Layer of Marl at unfavourable position (more difficult for water drainage and jet grouting)