Motorway A 100, Lot 1

16. construction section, Diaphragm Wall Dock 3 and 5


ARGE BAB A100, 16. BA, Los 1
Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH/ Max Bögl Stiftung & Co KG
Grenzallee 9 – 11
12057 Berlin


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West
Ground Engineering Berlin

Project location

Motorway A100,
junction Neukölln – junction Treptower Park

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

1.6 million €


Below fillings (up to 3 m thickness) there are changing layers of sand and marl in changing layers up to larger depths. Sand layers are predominating; gradations between fine sands and rough sands; density from loose to strong deposit. Large boulders are expected to find in marl layers.
Ground water level approx. between 2 and 2,5 m below ground

Technical Data

Construction of diaphragm walls for building docks 3 and 5 at Lot 1 for the extension of motorway A100 between motorway junction Neukölln and Treptower Park in Berlin.
Lot 1 is approx. 500 m long and contains the construction of the 385 m long tunnel „Grenzallee“. This complex ground engineering works and earth works to construct the water tight construction pit are prerequisite to build the tunnel.
The in-situ concrete diaphragm walls are 1.0 m thick in majority and having the following dimensions:
building dock 3 5,200 m²
depth 15 - 21 m
Thickness: 1.0 m
building dock 5 2,200 m²
depth 15 - 30 m
thickness 1.0 – 1.2 m
Furthermore the work includes:
• Construction of a concrete barrier approx. 440 m

Difficulties arise from:
• Heavy-duty conditions due to the inner-city location
• Working in the full heat of summer (up to 40°C)
• Completion works at the construction pit which has already been built by other construction companies (using another building method), connections to other shoring systems (sheet pile walls)
• Using a detailed design which has been provided by the client
• Boulders were found in the slit
• Using a chamber filter press