New Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tunnel


DB Netz AG
DB Projekt Bau GmbH, RB Mitte, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH (BeMo)
sponsor in joint venture
99 % in JV “NKWT” (BeMo - FCC)

Project location

Rail line 3010, “Mosel line” Koblenz – Trier
Ediger-Eller – Cochem/Mosel, Mosel river area, Germany

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

79 million €


Mainly Quarternary Sediments, talus material (soil), clay and rock (clay-slate, siltstone, fine sandstone with quartzite banks), water pressure approx. 3 bar

Technical Data

• Single-track railway tunnel, 1 tube
• Total length of tunnel: 13,917.32 ft (4,242 m)
o Carinthian cut & cover South portal: 65.62 ft (20 m)
o Cross section: 862.40 SF (80.12 m²)
• 8 Cross-passages to the Old Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tunnel with diverse cross-sections (15 – 25 m²)
• Excavation by TBM (EPB Ø=10,15 m), cross-passages and starting-section by excavator, partly preparatory blasting (vibrations <10mm/s allowed)
• Spoil removal (rail only) limited to 1.000 m³/day
• Execution by TBM (EPB), lining with pre-cast concrete segments, starting-section by carinthian cut & cover method, NATM
• Sinking of shafts Ø approx. 6.5 m / depth approx. 13.0 m
• Grouting in the area of low cover (3,5 m)
• Cut & Cover approx. 40 m

Further project related information

• Structural Analysis and Detailed Design (work & as-built drawings) by BeMo’s Tunnel Design Department
• Parallel construction in the vicinity of the existing old tunnel
• Underpassing the city of Cochem (cover approx. 3 - 28 m)