New York East Side Access

Contract CQ031


Metropolitan Transit Authority MTA


Joint Venture: Granite - Traylor - Frontier
BeMo USA Inc.: Essential design-input for 3-cell NATM crosspassage between Yard Lead Tunnel and Emergency shaft structure; Consulting and Technical Support during execution; Know-how transfer; two SEM/ NATM Tunnel Superintendents for round the clock coverage on site

Project location

Long Island City, Queens
New York

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

approx. 0.5 million €


Jet grouted soil

Technical Data

• Essential design input for design of a 3-cell crosspassage
• Know-how Transfer Project (application of SEM / NATM) for the construction of a 3-cell crosspassage between the segmentally lined Yard Lead Tunnel and a vertical concrete emergency shaft
• 3 tunnel excavation phases (each approx. 16.4 ft (5 m) in length)
• 3 waterproofing / concrete phases
• Cross sections: approx. 42 m²/ 28 m²/ 28 m² (452.08 SF / 301.39 SF / 301.39 SF)
• Excavation by mini excavator (Brokk) under spile umbrella and in jet grouted soil
• Installation of steel frame “hamster cages” in main tunnel

Further project related information

• Emergency shaft located in Amtrak area