Redevelopment Arlberg Road Tunnel


Autobahn- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-AG


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH (Co-technical sponsor construction)
Joint venture with PKE Verkehrstechnik GmbH (technical and commercial sponsor of joint venture), Jäger Bau GmbH (technical sponsor construction), G. Hinteregger & Söhne Baugesellschaft m.b.H. (commercial sponsor construction)
BeMo-share 18,97 %

Project location

St. Jakob und Langen a. Arlberg

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

131 million €


Unconsolidated colluvium, Unconsolidated Sediment, Mica Slate, Phylite, Slate, Gneis

Technical Data

BeMo project scope involves all construction works to redevelop the
14 km long Arlberg highway tunnel. This includes the construction of escape tunnels to the separated tunnel ventilation system, additional emergency bays and other underground construction works.
The redevelopment of the electrical tunnel outfit and outfit of the new constructed escape routes were also part of the project.
• 8 emergency bays (demolition of existing tunnel lining and excavation, primary lining, secondary lining and all concrete works)
bay length each 50 m, additional excavation cross-sectional area of 60 m²
• 3 caverns for technical outfit (incl. excavation works, primary lining and permanent concrete works); each cavern: length 40 m, cross-sectional area 100 m²
• 37 new constructed escape tunnels leading to the existing tunnel ventilation system; average length 50 m
• 3 ventilation bays; each a length of 36 m
• 16 firefighting bays
• 160 service bays
• 15,000 m side-way (demolish existing structure, redevelopment of walkway and rod draining system, develop fire-water system)
• Rebuild 500 m concrete road surface
• Roughening of 14,000 m concrete road surface and road marking
• Renew 14,000 m tunnel protection coating
• Redevelop two existing underground service buildings
Overground development
• 3 new constructed waste water treatment plants incl. basins
• 2 fire-water basins
• 2 back-water basins for the high-pressure water drizzle system
• 2 thermo-scanners for vehicle-breaks temperature checks
• Redevelopment of concrete surfaces at east gallery with a length of 1,700 m (incl. cutting existing surface, sprayed concrete und protection coating)
• Extensive road and earthworks at the portal

Further project related information

General contractor for design and build including MEP
• Sprayed secondary lining on a sheeted membrane in the emergency bays, emergency tunnels and caverns.
• Installation of newest high-pressure water drizzle systems
• Complete renewal of the fire-water system

Structural Analysis and Detailed Design of lay-by niches and escape adit by BeMo’s Tunnel Design Department