Redevelopment Portal Cochem

Old Kaiser-Wilhelm Tunnel


Subterra a.s., branche 1
Koželužská 2246/5
18000 Prague 8
Czech Republic


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West

Project location

56812 Cochem

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

0.37 million €


During the redevelopment of the Old Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel (built
1874 - 1877) we get the order to restore the north portal including the ornaments and the eagle sculpture by cleansing and restoration.
Preliminary studies have shown disturbances in mortar structures and negative alterations in mortar characteristics, which should be minimized
or eliminated by restoration works.

Technical Data

• injection openings, packer placing approx. 170 pieces
• masonry injections 2,100 l
• masonry restoration 30 m²
(blasting and cleansing/ change damaged
stones/ repointing portal)
• restoration and conservation the 5 tons heavy eagle sculpture by the company “Bauhütte Naumburg GmbH”
• preparation of a sheet metal cladding for the channel flow
on horizontal surfaces

Further project related information

Refurbishment works were done by:
• remove jointing material, producing injection channels
• facing existing anchors, repointing with mortar as well as injection with suspension as per the mortare appraisal
• cleansing with high pressure water
Restoration of ornaments and eagle by a stonemasonry company