Reinstatement old Schluechterner Tunnel


DB Netz AG, DB ProjektBau GmbH, RB Mitte


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH

Project location

Rail line 3600, Frankfurt/Main – Göttingen, „Kinzigtal line“, Kinzigtal, Schlüchtern - Flieden, Germany

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

48.5 million €


Sandstone (lower triassic, “Mittlerer Buntsandstein” (ca. 50%), “Oberer Buntsandstein“), Tertiary; southern portal area and northern half of the tunnel below the ground water table

Technical Data

Enlargement, refurbishment and reconstruction of an existing double-track railway tunnel under full closure of operation (future single-track tube), (km 76.7+68 - 83.1+80), construction of 4 connection structures between Old and New Schlüchterner Tunnel, 60 m extension at the North side using open cut method

Tunnel length: 3,576 m
Excavated volume: 13,500 m³
Invert arch shotcrete: 37,000 m²
Secondary lining: 35,500 m³
Reinforcement steel secondary lining: 4,390 t
IBO self-drilling bolts: 23,100 m
Construction of 4 escape galleries – total: 120 m
Adaption of tracks outside the tunnel – ca. 600 m
New noise barrier: 550 m

Excavation: Invert excavation – excavator
Design: Construction of a new invert arch and a new reinforced secondary lining