Rieck 2, Building Pit

Office Complex Rieck 2, Europacity Berlin


CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Europaallee 22
60327 Frankfurt am Main


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, Niederlassung West
Ground Engineering Berlin

in Joint Venture „Baugrube Rieck1 Berlin-Heidestraße“
with PST Grundbau GmbH,
BeMo-share 34.7 %

Project location

10557 Berlin

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

2.5 million €


Top layers consisting of anthropogenic fillings (thickness 0.45 to 3.9 m) containing sand, construction waste and railway ballast; underlying sand (grains of different size) up to approx. 35 m depth – loosely bedded up to very dense; only partial shingle and stones.
Hydrology: Groundwater level approx. 3.5 m below ground

Technical Data

Construction of a total building pit for the office complex "Rieck 1".
The following works are included:
- sheet pile walls
- ground anchors
- low-lying sealing beds (HDI-sealing beds)
- earthworks
- drainage

Building pit:
Floor area approx.: 2,100 m²
Depth up to 6.25 m
Pile walls approx.: 2,250 m²
Ground anchors approx.: 46 pieces
Earth construction: approx.: 11,000 m³

Additional difficulties arising from:
• adjoining Museum of Art „Hamburger Bahnhof“ (renovated railway station building)
• Sensitive pipe systems in adjoining street
• Confined space conditions (for site equipment and logistic)