Shaft Mine Asse II, Pipeline

Design and construction of the Shaft Mine Asse II, Pipeline


Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE)


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH Deutschland

Project location

Shaft Mine Asse
38319 Remlingen

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

1.4 million €

Technical Data

Design, fabrication, delivery and assembly of a pipeline (consisting of 4 pipes) AFL 2 (plant for pumping solvents) between the loading and uploading hall and the shaft conveyor hall.

Pipeline with 4 pipes in hanging and elevated construction
Dimensions: 1 x DN200 PN16; (219,1 x 8,0 / 315)
2 x DN80 PN16; (88,9 x 5,6 / 160)
1 x DN60 PN16; (76,1 x 5,6 / 160)
Total Length: 1.280 m
Pipe Material: Steel (P235 GH)
Pipe Lagging: PUR (polyurethane rigid foam)
Pipe outer shell: PE (polyethylene)

Construction of foundations as well as delivery and assembly of pipeline bridges and steel work pillars
Pipe Bridges Length: up to 9.0 m
steel work pillars Length: up to 6.5 m

All steel pipelines are isolated and will be fitted with heat tracings and a leakage monitoring system.

Further project related information

The pipeline is situated on Shaft Mine Asse above ground.