Small Hydropower Plant Argenbach

Lot 2, Pipe Tunnel


Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG
Weidachstr. 6
6900 Bregenz


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH

Project location

6883 Au, Vorarlberg

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

10.6 million €


Parts of stone layer series of “Helvetikum”, “Ultrahelvetikum” and “Vorarlberger Flyschzone”, which are characterized by a lot of marl clay, marl, sand stones and lime as well as transition areas between these geological formations.

Technical Data

• Main construction work, lot 2
• Portal cutting at the lower portal Hmax 19.50 m
• Pipe umbrella in loose stone layers Length 20.00 m
• Pipe tunnel with sprayed concret lining:
Length: 2,010.00 m
cross-section: 30.00 m²
Gradient: 4.3 %
• Conventional driving / complete excavation:
- thereof in blast method: 1,990.00 m
- thereof in soft ground drilling 20.00 m
• Support:
driving classes are designed from sprayed vault cover without Anchors up to a two-layer development with arches and anchor systems.

Further project related information

Power plant facilities of the small hydropower plant Argenbach are situated at an altitude between 787,31 and 1031,50 m above Adrian Sea level.
Road access to the tunnel portal is situated on 940 m above Adrian Sea level and will be provided by a forest road.