Tunnel Pummersdorf

Surface Route, Lot GUM4


ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG - GB Neu - und Ausbau


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH (BeMo)

Project location

Freight railway bypass St. Pölten, GZU-Mitte, closure of the gap St. Pölten - Loosdorf, Austria

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

80 million €


Molasse“, “Schlier” (fine sand silt and claystone alternating with fine sand and marl layers), sandstone, sheet gravel, vertical clefts between “Schlier” and gravel, loam, arey by area cementation zones
Ground water (gravelly-sandy horizons) , cleft ground water in “Schlier”, up to 10 l/s entries of cleft ground water between East portal and km 11.80, water carrying gravel between km 12.1+60 and 13.0+70, ridge rain possible

Technical Data

Double-track railway tunnel, 1 tube with emergency exits and open track
New line total length: 12,800 m (Km 3.0+00 – Km 15.8+00)
Total length Tunnel: 3,485 m (Km 10.8+62 – Km 14.3+47)
Mining: 3,445 m (rising 3.4‰ West – -East)
Cross section: approx. 120 m² (≈ 410,000 m³)
6 Emergency exits with galleries (14 m, 870 m³) and shafts (18-30 m, Ø ≈ 8.50 m (≈ 10,100 m³) with waterproof execution
Cut & cover (East-/West portal) à 20 m cut & cover incl. portal blocks as “Weisse Wanne” (2 x 10 m blocks)
Excavation: drill and blast, soft material with excavator, 400 m underneath pipe roofing, 24 m pipe roofing East-/West portal
Design: NATM, cast-in-situ concrete lining (30 cm, unreinforced), inner lining with membrane lining (PVC), junction areas (reinforced), invert arch (unreinforded resp. in area of mass-spring-system with reinforced waterproof inner lining of base slab (200 m))
Surface route: construction of the track substructure, ballast, slope protection, signal installations, telecommunication system and energy supply system, streets and roads (new construction, adaption and transfer), drainage works, noise barriers (10,144 m, H=1,5-6m, ≈ 32,575 m²) & walls (4,669 m, H=2-4,8m), landscaping works, constructive engineering (retention chambers, noise barriers special constructions), transfer of channels and other constructions of third parties, removal of buildings, extinguishing water-supply pipe (portal area and A3)

Further project related information

• cover: 15-24 m
• 2 valley-like incised depressions, ridge cover 9-12 m
• only machines that work with biodegradable lubricants and hydrolic oils are used