U4 -Horner Geest, Hamburg

Extension underground line U4 - Horner Geest, Hamburg


Hamburger Hochbahn AG
Steinstraße 20
20095 Hamburg


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, NL West
Civil Engineering, Industrial and Steel Construction Dortmund

Commercial and Technical management in Joint Venture "ARGE Gottleubatalbrücke" (BeMo-Metrostav)
BeMo-share 50 %

Project location


Start of construction

January 2021

End of construction

expected 2024

Project total value

92.6 million €

Technical Data

The project contains structural work of phase 1 for the construction of an inner-city cut-and-cover tunnel incl. a crossing structure that is crossing under an existing underground line.

• Building pits with diaphragm walls and Bored pile walls
Diaphragm walls approx. 29,000 m²
Intersection bored pile walls Ø 1.20 m approx. 13,000 m²
• Earthworks, Soil recovery and recycling approx. 130,000 m³
• Demolition and construction of connecting structures
within check intervalls
Demolition of reinforced concrete using special devices
approx. 4,000 m³
• Sealing building pits by HDI-technology and underwater concrete
HDI-sealing beds approx. 1,200 m³
Underwater concrete base approx. 1,600 m³
Düsenstrahlkörper d = 1.50 m approx. 3,000 lfm
• Reinforced concrete work/ structural work
Reinforced concrete approx. 28,500 m³
• Various pipeline bridges and temporary traffic bridges
• Roadwork and engineering works for pipes/lines

Further project related information

• Project execution by BeMo Devision Civil Engineering Dortmund (60 %) and Ground Engineering Berlin (40 %) in common work.
• Execution planning was developed by BeMo