Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

Tideway West, London


Thames Tideway (Bazalgette Tunnel Limited - BTL)
London, England
United Kingdom


Morgan Sindall Engineering Solutions Limited

Consultant for SEM/NATM:
BeMo Tunnelling UK Ltd (100 % subsidiary of BeMo Tunnelling GmbH)
Know-how Transfer of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM)

Detailed Design of Shafts and Tunnels in Sprayed Concrete Lined (SCL)
1 Senior SCL-Engineer / Professional Services

Project location

7 Carnwarth Road
London, England
United Kingdom

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

0.5 million €


Londoner Clay

Technical Data

The Thames Tideway Tunnel Project, section West, contains parts of the main tunnel with a total length of 6,95 km and a diameter of 6.5 m as well as construction of connection tunnels, shafts and chambers:
• Carnwath Road Riverside
Shaft Ø 30.1 m depth: 43.90 m
MNTLA Launch Chamber 55.00 m
MNTLA TBM-Reception Chamber 16.00 m
• Hammersmith Pumping Station
Shaft Ø 12.5 m depth: 34.90 m
Connection Tunnel 290.00 m
• Dormay Street, Shaft Ø 14.0 m depth: 27.00 m
Dormay Street to CARRR Launch Chamber 20.00 m
Dormay Street to KNGGP Launch Chamber 20.00 m
• King George Park
Shaft Ø 10.65 m depth: 17.15 m
• Putney Embankment Foreshore
Shaft Ø 8.15 m depth: 28.20 m
Launch Chamber 3.80 m
• Barn Elms, Shaft Ø 8.40 m depth: 34.50 m
Launch Chamber 3.80 m
• Acton Storm Tanks
Shaft Ø 16.00 m depth: 35.50 m

Further project related information

The upgrade of London’s sewer system will intercept, store and transfer sewage waste away from the River Thames and is split into three distinct sections West, Central and East.