Tunnelling is our business and during the past decade we have continued to evolve towards becoming a full-line provider of construction solutions. Nowadays, our group covers Tunnelling and also the fields of Civils, Industrial & Steel Construction, Ground Engineering, Structural Maintenance and Mining.


Our core competence has been systematically developed further since BeMo was founded more than 50 years ago. We are specialised in the engineering and construction of all kinds of underground structures in various ground conditions

Construction Methods

  • Conventional Tunnelling
    (drill & blast, excavator drive, roadheader drive, compressed-air drive, sequential excavation, partial face, SCL/SEM/NATM)
  • Mechanised Tunnelling
    (open-/closed-type TBM, EPB-/slurry-/hydro shield, mix shield)

Type of use

  • Major Infrastructure projects including Tunnels and Stations for roads, rail, light-rail, metro, airports
  • Tunnels and facilities for the water, sewer and energy sector
  • Utilities
  • Water
  • Sewer

Sectional size

  • Tunnels
  • Galleries
  • Caverns


  • Tunnels and Galleries; horizontal and inclined
  • Shafts; vertical and inclined (escalator barrels, penstock)
  • Special Underground Structures

Therefore complete know-how packages including professional services and consulting for international tunnelling projects can be offered and implemented (for further reference see Tunnelling references).


BeMo solves complex construction tasks on a client-oriented basis with an experienced staff. To do this, we use our in-house technical departments, like the design office, work planning and surveying. Thus, we can offer our customers individual solutions for every project.
We offer technical solutions for the following areas:

  • Civil engineering structures/special structures
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Wind energy plants/hydroelectric power stations
  • Silos (reinforced concrete)
  • Sewage treatment plants

Industrial and Steel Construction

From small-size projects to complex industrial facilities, BeMo covers the entire range of industrial construction.
The high technical expertise of our staff ranging from planning to project manager, construction manager, foremen up to craftsmen, guarantees our customers the desired certainty in terms of time and cost in any phase of the project.
We offer construction operations and technical solutions in the fields:

  • Logistics buildings
  • Construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities
  • Steel Constructions
  • Machine foundations
  • Regional building construction

Ground Engineering

Our focus lies on diaphragm walls and bored pile technique as well as on an extended range of injection and grouting works. With its current range of services, BeMo carries out the following works:

  • Construction pits, including horizontal sealing in difficult groundwater conditions
  • Landfill packing
  • Foundation work for bridges, high-rise buildings and industrial buildings
  • Slope protection
  • Injection works for sealing, underpinning and soil improvement

Structural Maintenance

In this area, BeMo covers the following services, including engineering services (preliminary investigation, concept, calls for tender) if needed:

Concrete repairs

  • Repair of buildings with Polymer Cement Concrete (PCC) and surface protection systems
  • Reinforcement of buildings with shotcrete
  • Production or increase of the fire protection

Masonry restoration

  • Historic masonry
  • Quarrystone masonry
  • Brick masonry

Injection technology

  • Backfilling of cracks and cavities
  • Injection to seal cracks
  • Sealing of buildings and geological formations
  • Solidification of construction material, components and geological formations

Special areas

  • UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete)
  • Subsequently included tendons
  • Renovation of wind energy plants


BeMo's main competences in this field include exploration and excavation of underground excavations, like galleries, storage chambers (caverns) for example construction of permanent waste disposals, construction of large underground chambers as well as vertical and inclined excavations (shafts).

Other business activities include secondment of specialists and know-how transfer within the German market, especially within the field of construction of permanent waste disposals.


With access to many years of experience in the field of designing underground structures our work spectrum includes design for ground engineering and tunnelling, both conventional and mechanical. The main activities cover:

  • Design coordination
  • Structural analysis and numerical simulations
  • Design for SCL/SEM/NATM and mechanised tunnelling
  • Feasibility studies and value engineering
  • Constructability, method selection and construction sequencing
  • Design of shuttering and reinforcement for both conventional secondary linings as well as segmental linings
  • Design for construction pits and slope protections

Mechanical Engineering

Our BeMo in-house provider for specialised plant, equipment and machines as well as occupational safety also provides know-how worldwide for externals.

The portfolio covers:

Basic activities

  • Selection of equipment and machines, acquisition and disposal, cost control
  • Development of special tools, planning of steel sheathings
  • Machine management and administration


Projectspecific functions

  • Calculation of machines and electrical units
  • Mechanical and electrical work preparations
  • Kinematics- and geometry-studies
  • Technical comparisons and contract creation

Occupational safety functions

  • Determination of dangers, instruction manuals, escape and security plans
  • Control and safety technologies, acceptance of machines, analytics of accidents
  • Planning and building of escape chambers