Adjustage Ilsenburg

Construction of a tripple-nave factory workshop incl. Associated buildings (Water management and Switching station) as turnkey ready general contractor service.


Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH
Veckenstedter Weg 10
38871 Ilsenburg


BeMo Tunnelling GmbH, NL West
Civil Engineering, Industrial and Steel Construction Dortmund

Project location

Veckenstedter Weg 10
38871 Ilsenburg

Start of construction


End of construction

2020 (main works) 2021 (after plant construction)

Project total value

approx. 50 million €


• Sandy/gravelly fillings containing dross and construction waste
• Gravel, heavy sandy, silty
• Rocklayer: silt, clayey, slight fine sandy, slight gravelly
(5.50 – 7.00 m)
• Marl (from approx. 7.00 m)

Technical Data

• Production of 558 bore piles incl. foundation
Diameter: 0.90 and 1.20 m
Length: 5 bis 15 m
• CMC (Controlled Modulus Columns)
• Construction of a 12 m deep well shaft as secant bore pile, circular 15 m with bore piles Ø 1.20 m
shaft built as an unreinforced vault
• Halls 6, 7 and 8 as well as Water Management and Switching Station
area Water Management: approx. 780 m²
area halls 6 up to 8
Sanitary Rooms and Rest Rooms: approx. 30,850 m²
Switching Station West: approx. 290 m²
Switching Station East: approx. 200 m²
Switching Station South: approx. 100 m²
• Steel hall with trapezoidal sheet cladding
• Technical Building Services
• Infrastructure, canal construction, retaining walls and roads, track substructure
• Hydraulics rooms with floor coatings

Further project related information

• Whole subsoil was considered to be contaminated.
Therefore was all earth work performed in accordance with the “black-white-principle”
• Using of concrete-exposure class XA2 according to the ground reports.