Reinstatement old Bebenroth-Tunnel


DB Netz AG Hannover, DB ProjektBau GmbH, RB Nord


JV BeMo Tunnelling GmbH / STUTZ GmbH
BeMo Tunnelling: 90% (TGF)
STUTZ: 10% (KGF)

Project location

Frankfurt/Main - Göttingen, Witzenhausen zwischen Eichenberg und Oberrieden, Hessen, Germany

Start of construction


End of construction


Project total value

18 million €


Middle (approx. 40%) and upper colorful sandstone (approx. 15%), lower-middle and upper muschelkalk (approx. 35%), lower Keuper (approx. 10%);

Technical Data

Renewal of the existing 2 line track railway tunnel under total closure of traffic; deconstruction to a single line railway track
(km 222,5+00 – 223,4+36)

Length of tunnel: 936.00 m
Backfilling/injection of cavities: 6,500.00 m³
Removal of existing tunnel construction: 70.00 m³
Shotcrete: 4,000.00 m³
Tunnel excavation: 6,300.00 m³
Shotcrete invert arch: 3,000.00 m³
Secondary lining: 12.500,00 m³
Reinforced concrete secondary lining: 1,100.00 t
Adjustment of track in front of tunnel 600.00 m

Excavation: invert drift by excavator
Execution: construction of a new invert and a new reinforced concrete secondary lining